Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in getting out and becoming actively involved with Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary? Check out the sanctuary’s volunteer programs.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary volunteer programs are designed to help sanctuary staff accomplish management objectives and to build a stewardship ethic in the community. By becoming a volunteer, you will not only be learning about the sanctuary but also helping others learn. In this way, you are helping to build awareness and enhance stewardship of sanctuary resources.

For information about current Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary volunteer opportunities, to inquire about which programs are most in need of volunteer assistance, or to request an application, contact sanctuary volunteer coordinator Susan Dunn. For information on specific programs, check out the links below.

Team OCEAN volunteer on the water

One way to get involved and make a difference in the protection of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary resources is through the sanctuary’s Team OCEAN program. More

Volunteering at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center

Volunteer at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center
Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center volunteers play an important role in educating visitors about the displays and Keys ecosystems. More

volunteering with kids

Other Volunteer Opportunities
Beyond activities coordinated by the sanctuary, there are opportunities to get involved with other organizations dedicated to protecting the Florida Keys ecosystem. More