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Virtual Dives of the Florida Keys
Can't get to the Florida Keys? Don't snorkle or SCUBA dive? Thanks to the wonders of 360-degree photography, plus virtual reality, the underwater treasures of the Keys are now as close as your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. These virtual dives lets any user have a SCUBA diver's perspective of many dive sites along the Keys just as if you were there in person.  More...

Photo of clean up in Key West mangroves.

Volunteers, with Lazy Dog Adventures staff, conduct cleanup in mangroves
FKNMS volunteers, along with friends and staff from Lazy Dog Adventures, used kayaks to access mangrove shorelines along the Cow Key Channel, and dove head first into the channel to clean the debris from above and below the water.  More...

Alternative  Spring Break in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Alternative Spring Break in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
While some college students enjoy spring break in Key West for the plethora of bars, restaurants, beaches, and watersports, one group of students had a different agenda while on their vacation: combat marine debris!  More...

Photo of Margaritaville volunteers combing the beach for trash.

Team OCEAN partnered with Margaritaville volunteers on cleanup
Team OCEAN coordinated a shoreline cleanup with volunteers from local restaurant Margaritaville, during their ‘week of service’. More than 300 pounds of marine debris was removed from Boca Chica beach, prior to entering the Western Sambo Ecological Reserve.  More...