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Florida Spiny Lobster.

Prepare for Low-Impact Lobstering
The Florida spiny lobster is a favored local delicacy, making lobster season one of the busiest times in the Florida Keys. Get details on this year's regulations and learn how to lower your impact on the natural resources that you are here to enjoy.  More...

Battered boat at dock.

Safe Havens and How to Secure Your Boat (Part II)
Don’t plan to ride out the storm in your boat – drowned boaters are a common cause of death in hurricanes. Boats on shore, in transit, and on the water all need to be stripped of potential flying debris and pollution hazards. Previously identified safe havens are key for securing your boat on the water. Special anchoring methods and proper tie-off can help secure your boat as a storm approaches.  More...

Battered boat at dock.

Protect Your Boat in a Hurricane: Making a Plan (Part I)
Hurricanes wreak all kinds of havoc on boats. Powerful winds can scatter boats ashore, and smashing seas can sink or damage them. Storm surges can even lift entire floating docks above their pilings or knock boats off their cradles. Prudent boat owners need to dedicate special attention to securing their boat as part of their overall hurricane plan.  More...

Blue fish.

Charting the Path to Caribbean Coral Reef Recovery
Protecting parrotfish and strengthening coastal zone management may be the keys to increasing resilience of Caribbean coral reefs, according to coral reef ecologist Jeremy Jackson, PhD, who led a 3-year report assessing more than 90 coral reefs in the Caribbean. Dr. Jackson will share the report's findings and his insights on the path to protecting coral reefs with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary’s Advisory Council on April 21 in Key West.  More...

People walk around festival booths.

Keys' Ocean Fest Benefits Coral Reefs With Art, Fishing, and Fun
The Key's marine environment will be the focus of festivities at the upcoming Florida Keys Ocean Festival and Waterfront Craft Show. The April 4th event will kick off with a fun run, followed by festivities, educational displays, food and beverages, and live music at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center to celebrate ocean life and raise funds for coral reef restoration and conservation. More...

Diver inspects net.

Derelict Shrimp Net Removed from Toppino Reef
A derelict shrimp net that had been trapping fish near Toppino Light was removed last week by sanctuary staff. When the sanctuary first investigated the scene in late January, they saw a fish trapped inside. The net posed a hazard to fish and had the potential to entangle other marine life.  More...