Penalty Schedules

grounded ship

If you break a National Marine Sanctuaries Act regulation or other NOAA regulation, there are set penalties which vary depending on the rule you break. NOAA has created guidelines to make sure the penalty fits the wrongdoing, and that penalties are consistent across the country. NOAA has recently updated its Civil Penalty Schedule to address concerns brought by the public about how penalty decisions were being made.

National Marine Sanctuaries Act Civil Penalty Schedule (pdf, 465 kb)
These guidelines make sure that fines fit the violation, and that they are consistent across the country. Penalties for violating the National Marine Sanctuaries Act range from a written warning, to a maximum of $140,000.

National Marine Sanctuary Act Summary Settlement Schedule (pdf, 52 kb)
In some cases if you violate a regulation, you may have the opportunity to pay a reduced fine.

Southeast Region Summary Settlement Schedule (pdf, 52 kb)
You may have an opportunity to pay a reduced fine for these violations as well.

Southeast Region Fix-it Notice Schedule (pdf, 40 kb)
For less significant violations, rather than a fine, you may be given the chance to correct your violation on the spot, or within a certain time frame.  

Strategy for Clarifying Enforcement Needs and Testing Enforcement Measures (pdf, 18 Mb)
This three-year strategy looks at how to build up enforcement capabilities and test new technologies for effectively protecting our nation’s sanctuaries.