Sanctuary Science Report 2002 - 2003: An Ecosystem Report Card After Five Years of Marine Zoning

This report examines the health of the entire sanctuary five years after its marine zone system was created. It incorporates the results of the sanctuary’s Marine Zone Monitoring Program with the monitoring projects of the Water Quality Protection Program and other research projects to provide an overview of the health of the whole sanctuary ecosystem.


2003 Science Report (Entire Document) (pdf, 11 MB)

Preface (pdf, 172 kb)
Executive Summary and Introduction (pdf, 107 kb)

Circulation and Exchange of Florida Bay and South Florida Coastal Waters (pdf, 1.4 MB)
Interdisciplinary Coastal Ocean Observations in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary with Real-time Data Links.

Water Quality, Seagrass, Coral Reef, and Episodic Event Monitoring

Marine Zone Monitoring Program

Socioeconomic Research and Monitoring Program

Partnership Projects with NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Diadema Restoration Projects

Permitted Research Projects (pdf, 279 kb)