Bathymetry map showing a zone

Marine Zoning and Regulatory Review

In response to requests by the public, shifting environmental conditions and threats in the Florida Keys, better scientific information, and legal requirements, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council has been taking part in a multi-year process to review management issues in the sanctuary. After many meetings, they have requested that NOAA analyze a broad range of ideas about potential changes to regulations, zones, and boundaries.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex, which co-manages 20 of the sanctuary’s 27 Wildlife Management Areas, has played a key role in the review by simultaneously reviewing its own backcountry management plan.

The review is an ongoing public process. If you are interested in becoming involved, you are encouraged to contact a representative on the advisory council, attend meetings and/or sign up for marine zoning and regulatory review email updates.