Volunteers Clean-up Cow Key Channel
with Help from Lazy Dog Adventures

April 2017

Photo of the next generation leading the way in marine debris clean-up. The next generation leads the way in marine debris clean-up. Click for high resolution image


Photo of volunteers cleaning the mangrove lined marina using kayaks provided by Lazy Dog Adventures. Credit: Rosemary Abbitt/NOAA Using kayaks provided by Lazy Dog Adventures, volunteers clean the mangrove lined marina.
Click for high resolution image

On April 3rd, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary education and outreach team members coordinated a cleanup of marine debris from the sanctuary. Sanctuary volunteers, along with friends and staff from Lazy Dog Adventures used kayaks to access mangrove shorelines along the Cow Key Channel, near Key West, and even jumped into the water to remove debris from the bottom of the channel.

"As an eco-tour company, we strive to maintain a clean habitat for wildlife and a beautiful environment for our customers to enjoy," said Holly Amodio, Guide/Instructor for Lazy Dog Adventures.

A dozen volunteers collected more than 250 pounds of marine debris from the channel, which is heavily used by boat traffic. The volunteers cleaned debris from the mangroves, which included mostly plastic bottles, rope, and aluminum cans, as well as some larger items such as styrofoam buoys. The underwater habitat was heavily littered with aluminum cans and glass bottles. Volunteers did a great job beautifying the channel and are looking forward to preforming cleanups in the area again!

After the cleanup, local artists collected the debris to be used in the upcoming Kinetic Sculpture Parade, which encourages the use of reused and recycled materials in the construction of the sculptures.

To learn more about sanctuary marine debris cleanups and how you can help, contact Nicole.Uibel@noaa.gov or Eric.Raslich@noaa.gov.