Around the Sanctuary - 2013

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Photo of Key Largo canal.

New “Waterways” episode explores Big Cypress and Keys’ canals
Waterways continues its exploration of the south Florida ecosystem in a new two-segment episode. This latest episode takes a look at Everglades National Park’s neighbor to the north—Big Cypress National Preserve—and a plan to clean-up the manmade canals in the Florida Keys. More...

Aerial photo of Keys shorelines are at risk by sea level rise.

New “Waterways” episode tackles climate change, sea level rise in south Florida
The latest episode of the educational television series "Waterways" examines the threats south Florida could face from rising sea levels associated with global climate change. More...

Photo of combat wounded veteran diving coral nursery.

Wounded veterans and SCUBAnauts join in reef restoration efforts
Sanctuary reefs are being bolstered by the efforts of some very special volunteers this summer. Divers with the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge and SCUBAnauts International joined scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory in July to help tend corals in an underwater nursery as part of an ongoing reef restoration effort. More...

Photo of mangrove island in Florida Keys.

Television show addresses water quality threats, Florida panther conservation
Television viewers across Florida will be educated and entertained by the latest episode of the long-running, documentary television series “Waterways” that highlights threats of pharmaceuticals and plastics in our oceans and streams, as well as recovery efforts of the endangered Florida panther. More...

Photo of corals in aquarium. Photo by Mote Marine Lab.

Rescued corals given second life at aquariums and zoos across the country
Though nothing could ever replace the wonder of seeing the Florida Keys coral reef in person, technically you don’t have to visit the Florida Keys to see Keys’ corals. If you’ve ever been to the Florida Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, SeaWorld Texas, Discovery World, Mote Aquarium or one of a dozen specially-permitted zoos and aquariums across the country, chances are you’ve seen Florida Keys corals. More...

Coast Guard Auxiliary patrols protected area.

New Coast Guard Auxiliary partnership increases boater education
Boater education is getting a boost in the upper Florida Keys thanks to a new partnership between the Sanctuary and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Since February, the Upper Keys and Ocean Reef Coast Guard Auxiliary flotillas have begun patrols of the 11 Sanctuary Preservation Areas and two Research Only Areas between Tennessee and Carysfort reefs in an effort to educate boaters and protect the coral reef environment. More...