Rodriguez Key Wildlife Management Area

Map of Rodriguez Key Wildlife Management Area

Rodriguez Key, just 0.60 square-miles in size, is located east of Key Largo and favored by flats guides and birders who explore along the very shallow flats. There is a no-motor zone on the tidal flats around the island. The predominant mangrove species is red mangrove (Rhizopora mangle). Egrets, herons, gulls, terns, cormorants and pelicans frequent the two larger islets. The tidal flats are composed of several species of seagrass, predominantly turtle grass (Thalassia testudinum). The fishes known to the waters nourishing the mangrove roots include gray snapper, several species of grunts, silversides and mojarra. Small barracuda are the most ubiquitous species over the grass beds. In the deeper waters surrounding the flats bonefish and small tarpon appear seasonally.

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A summary of all sanctuary regulations is available online. For the full text of sanctuary regulations, see 15 CFR 922 Subpart P.