Photo of sky and sea with small island in mid-ground.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Management

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is a special place, with spectacular and unique resources such as coral reefs, shipwrecks, seagrass beds, and fisheries that are the source of commercial and recreational activities like diving, fishing, and boating. The sanctuary was established to protect these resources. Using public input, as well as current scientific and socioeconomic data, sanctuary managers have designed projects and programs to address identified impacts, pressures, and threats.

Administered by NOAA, a federal agency within the Department of Commerce, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary was created and exists under federal law. However, with 60 percent of its protected area located in Florida state waters, the sanctuary is jointly managed by NOAA and the State of Florida under a co-trustee agreement. Under this agreement, NOAA’s primary management partner is the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Managing this complex system of marine and cultural resources takes public involvement, multi-faceted strategies, and numerous partners.

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