Sanctuary Publications

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The diverse habitats and marine life of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary have been studied and documented by researchers to better understand the health of the sanctuary, its threats, and our role in its protection. The following publications are produced by the sanctuary, NOAA, and partner agencies to provide information on the health of the Florida Keys ecosystem and management strategies to conserve it.


Florida Keys Shallow Water Boating Impact Analysis and Trends Assessment - Mapping Summary Report, March 2017 (pdf, 1.9mb)

The sustained health of the nearshore marine environment is vital to and drives the tourist-based Florida Keys economy, and supports the full coral reef ecosystem in many ways. It is of paramount importance to maintain the quality of the Keys shallow water habitats that support the diverse abundance of fish and wildlife that make the Keys unique.

Condition Report 2011 for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
This comprehensive report examines the status of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary’s water quality, habitats, marine life and cultural resources. It also outlines the various threats to resource health, and highlights management actions taken to address those pressures. More

Science Summaries
Looking for an easy-to-understand snapshot of sanctuary science? These informative two-page summaries provide a great introduction to long-term research projects in the sanctuary and give an overview of threats to the marine environment. More

Marine Zone Monitoring Publications
The sanctuary and its research partners study the habitats and marine life of the sanctuary’s marine zones to determine how they are affected by the added protection of zones. More

Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series Reports
Conservation series reports highlight a variety of topics, including educational programs, resource management issues, and results of scientific research and monitoring projects. More

The State of the Coral Reef Ecosystems of the Florida Keys (pdf, 4.4 Mb)
The Florida Keys chapter of “The State of the Coral Reef Ecosystems of the United States and Freely Associated States: 2008” examines the current health the Florida Keys reefs, changes in the marine environment, and stressors that threaten the recovery of coral reefs.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Comprehensive Science Plan (pdf, 246 kb)
This plan identifies and prioritizes the scientific needs of the Sanctuary, and provides guidance for future research and monitoring.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Science Needs
These two-page documents help to summarize the Sanctuary’s science needs outlined in the Sanctuary’s Comprehensive Science Plan. More

Florida Keys Species List (pdf, 390 kb)
This document lists thousands of plants, animals and invertebrates that call the Florida Keys and its waters home.