Advisory Council Regulatory Review Workplan and Working Groups

The Sanctuary Advisory Council, using its 2012 workplan as a guide, worked with the public and community experts, to develop ideas and alternatives for potential changes to the sanctuary's marine zones, boundaries, and regulations as part of its overall management plan review. Below are the nine priority items and four additional items that the advisory council reviewed, with links to details about the council's discussions, presentations, and actions on each of these topics. Learn how to participate or sign up for marine zoning and regulatory review email updates.

   pdf Download the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Regulatory and Zoning Alternatives Development Workplan (383 kb).

Priority Items

Discussion circle
  1. Shallow Water Wildlife and Habitat Protection
  2. Coral Reef Ecosystem Restoration
  3. Ecosystem Protection: Ecological Reserves / Preservation Areas and Wildlife Protection
  4. Artificial Habitats
  5. Permit Procedures and Adaptive Management
  6. Study Areas and Boundary Modifications
  7. Personal Watercraft Tours / Fishing Conflicts
  8. Water Quality
  9. Fishery Management Coordination

Items for Discussion and Potential Action

  1. Law Enforcement
  2. Education and Outreach
  3. Vessel / Boating Licensing and Education
  4. Alternative Funding Mechanisms / User Fees

Working Groups

Working groups were created to address the most complex topics, gathering information from community experts, user groups, and scientists in a series of workshops held throughout 2013, 2014, and 2015. Detailed information about the working groups and their recommendations to the advisory council are available at the links provided below.


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