Current Research Highlights

A man holds open a water tank and looks at a tray
Researchers from all over the world come to the Florida Keys to conduct scientific research. Photo: Jay Clue

As a living laboratory, researchers from all over the world are making new discoveries inside of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The permitting and science teams work together with researchers to identify information needs of the sanctuary and use the most current science available to inform management decisions. Click on the pages below to learn more about current research.

A diver gliding across the seafloor


Researchers rely on various technologies to help us collect more information about our coral reef ecosystems.

A finger points to numbers on a clipboard

Coral Health and Genetics

From coral bleaching to disease, understanding coral health and genetics helps us in restoration efforts.

A diver works on a hydrophone device on the seafloor


Coral reefs are a bustling city, learn more about how listening in can tell us about the health of these ecosystems.