Photo of volunteer during a beach cleanup.

Get Involved with the Sanctuary

There are many ways and many good reasons for you to become actively involved with Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The sanctuary surrounds the Florida Keys community of nearly 80,000 year-round residents and more than three million annual visitors. Each one of these people is connected to the resources that the sanctuary protects, whether they are coming to enjoy the underwater beauty and wonder of the sanctuary or they rely on its resources as a source of income. Given our reliance on sanctuary resources, we all have a stake in their protection.

From becoming a volunteer to participating on the Sanctuary Advisory Council or attending sanctuary events, there are multiple opportunities for you to get involved, to learn more about the sanctuary and to make a difference in the protection and long-term health of sanctuary resources and the Florida Keys community.

Calling all boaters! The sanctuary is in need of volunteers to support our Team OCEAN program. Individuals may be trained as on-the-water interpreters/educators and join sanctuary staff. Visit the Team OCEAN page to learn about the program and how to submit an application.