Scientists from all over the world come to Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to study this unique ecosystem. New discoveries are being made in the fields of coral restoration, fish population dynamics, water quality, and more. Sanctuary managers use the latest science to inform management decisions, balancing the protection of these sensitive ecosystems with public use and enjoyment.

A computer-generated coral reef segment

Ecosystem Restoration

The ecosystems of the Florida Keys need our help. Learn what scientists are doing to restore these delicate ecosystems.

Diver in shallow water swimming with a large camera device

Research and Monitoring

New discoveries and scientific knowledge are sitting just beneath the surface in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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Current Research Highlights

Explore current research happening in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Three people kneeling in front of two baskets of coral fragments on a bank near water

For Researchers and Volunteers

Information for those interested in conducting research within the sanctuary.

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A list of published research focusing on Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Where possible, we provide links to free, publicly accessible articles.

A map of the bottom of the Florida peninsula and the Florida Keys

Maps and Tools

Dive into the habitats and regulatory zones of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.