Welcome! Join us in discovering your Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. We offer a wide array of exciting and engaging educational experiences for all ages including exhibits, workshops, lesson plans, posters, and more. Learn about your sanctuary by navigating through the links below.

An aerial view of a boat floating on clear water

Water Quality

Water is essential to life. Good water quality is a requirement for our way of life in the Florida Keys.

a split shot image showing seagrass below and mangroves above the water


From backcountry to oceanside, the uniqueness of the Florida Keys is driven by a range of habitats that are all ecologically connected.

A rainbow reaches past a large, silver ship at dock

Climate Change

Learn how climate change impacts the health of the ecosystem in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

A mother manatee and her calf in clear shallow water

Creature Feature

Gallery of some of the iconic flora and fauna found around Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

teachers and students testing water

For Teachers

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is a living classroom. Here are some resources for your classrooms too!

student looking through a microscope

Student Opportunities

Opportunities for youth who are passionate about the ocean and natural environment. These include programs such as the Ocean Guardian Dive Club and Youth Ambassador Program!