Law Enforcement

Law enforcement continues to be raised as a significant resource management issue for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The advisory council, working groups, and public identified the need for increased law enforcement presence in the sanctuary. The February 18, 2014 meeting was devoted to law enforcement, and the Sanctuary Advisory Council developed a motion which was unanimously passed at their next meeting on April 15, 2014.

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Presentations on Law Enforcement

All of the following were presented February 18, 2014:

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (7,569 kb)

NOAA Office of Law Enforcement (1,043 kb)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (9,045 kb)

U.S. Coast Guard (951 kb)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (3,331 kb)

NOAA General Council Enforcement Services (778 kb)

Additional Reference Materials

Marine Sanctuary Penalty Schedule (318 kb)

NOAA Office of Law Enforcement 2014 Quarter 1 Accomplishments Report (580 kb)


The following Motion was passed unanimously at the April 15, 2014 meeting: Resolution of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Advocating Continued and Strengthened Support for Law Enforcement within Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (pdf, 19 kb).

Note: Law enforcement is also discussed in Section 2.3 on page 36 of the Sanctuary Advisory Council Regulatory and Zoning Alternatives Development Work-Plan Actions for Review and Recommendation (pdf, 4,464 kb).

For additional information, refer to our Enforcement page.