Sanctuary Advisory Council Members

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council members represent boating, conservation and environment, diving, education and outreach, South Florida ecosystem restoration, fishing (commercial and recreational), elected county government, submerged cultural resources, research and monitoring, tourism and the community at large.

The Council is one way for members of the community to get involved with the sanctuary. Vacancies on the council are periodically available for which you can apply. Or, if you want to voice your opinion or ask questions about the sanctuary, contact the current council members who represent your area of interest, as one of the roles of the members is to serve as a liaison between the sanctuary and members of the community.

The council meets six times a year and the public is invited to attend and provide comment during these meetings.

A directory of former Sanctuary Advisory Council members can be found here. Contact information for current Sanctuary Advisory Council Members is listed below.



Chair: George Garrett
Chair Term: 6/22 - 6/24
Seat: Citizen at Large - Middle Keys

Vice-Chair: Ben Daughtry
Vice-Chair Term: 6/22 - 6/24
Seat: Conservation and Environment


Non-governmental Members



Governmental Members



  • NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Ex-Officio Staff (non-voting)


    Sarah Fangman
    Sanctuary Superintendent
    Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
    33 East Quay Rd.
    Key West, FL 33040


    Beth Dieveney
    Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
    33 East Quay Rd.
    Key West, FL 33040