Plan Your Visit

As you enter the Florida Keys, it won't take long for you to find Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Once you dip your toes in the water from any of the islands that make up the Florida Keys, you are in the sanctuary! From exploring our Eco-Discovery Center to flats fishing, kayaking, and scuba diving, there's so many different ways to enjoy your Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary responsibly.

Marine Sanctuary Explorer

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Planning a visit is as easy as downloading the free Marine Sanctuary Explorer app. In the app you can bookmark your itinerary in advance and, once on the water, follow GPS-enabled prompts for critical information about your location. The app also includes stories about marine life, habitats, and safe boating, and includes a list of all Blue Star-certified scuba diving, snorkel, and fishing operators.

Learn more about the app

For additional resources to help plan your visit to Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, check out the links below.

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Eco-Discovery Center

The re-imagined Eco-Discovery Center features a kaleidoscope of visual color and many hands-on exhibits accessible to all audiences.

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Things to Do

Whatever floats your boat, whatever flies your kite, there's no shortage of fun-in-the-sun activities in the fabulous Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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Featured Places

Need advice on planning a visit? Explore some featured places in the Florida Keys, such as wildlife refuges and state parks.

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Marine Conditions

Make safety a top priority when enjoying Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Conditions can change quickly. Make sure you know before you go!

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Visit Virtually

Dive into Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary from anywhere in the world.