Habitat Restoration


When habitat like coral or seagrass is damaged by a vessel or other human-induced event, the goal of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is to restore that area to the condition it was before it was injured.

The sanctuary is able to seek damages from those responsible for causing the injuries through enforcement actions. The funds collected are used to implement the restoration project and monitor recovery of the site. Restoration is a crucial component in reversing the effects of human environmental harm. Sanctuary biologists will continue to monitor the site years after restoration to determine whether the restoration was effective.

Monitoring also provides sanctuary managers with a picture of how the restoration is recovering in comparison to the surrounding habitat, and how restoration efforts might be affective by other influences like storms.

diver looking at seagrass

Restoration Methods
The goal of restoration is to aid in the recovery of a damaged area to the condition it was before it was injured. Restoration techniques vary on the type of habitat affected, the extent of the damage, and other factors specific to each grounding. More

seagrass restoration using bird stakes

Major Restoration and Monitoring Projects
Over the years, there have been a number of groundings in the sanctuary that involve large vessels, such as private luxury craft, commercial fishing boats, or commercial freighters. More