Andy Bruckner

Andy Bruckner

Research Coordinator


Dr. Bruckner has conducted research, monitoring, restoration and conservation projects on coral reefs worldwide since 1979, with a focus on understanding and addressing large scale changes. He joined NOAA in 1998 and, over the next ten years, worked closely with NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program to develop the Coral Reef Conservation Act, National Action Strategy, Implementation Strategy and other key initiatives such as new Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Appendix II listings, development of sustainable management guidelines for ornamental fisheries, and the first endangered species listings for corals.

Before joining FKNMS, he was the lead scientist for the Living Oceans Foundation, where he developed and led a six-year Global Reef Expedition. He also established Coral Reef CPR, a nonprofit charity working to restore reefs through research, education and low-tech coral gardening and restoration programs.

Bruckner holds degrees in biology and marine biology from the University of Oregon, Northeastern University and the University of Puerto Rico. He has received the Presidential Early Career Award, Administrators Award, and three bronze medals from NOAA for his work on coral reefs.