Maddie Cholnoky

Maddie Cholnoky underwater

Mission: Iconic Reefs Stewardship Manager

Maddie has always been drawn to the ocean, ever since her first word – "fish". She graduated from Rollins College with a degree in environmental studies and, not long after, ventured to Key Largo, Florida, to pursue a career in scuba diving instruction and marine conservation. Maddie is currently working towards a master's degree in environmental science and policy through Johns Hopkins University. She is also an MSDT Padi instructor and in her free time enjoys helping local dive operators guiding clients around the Florida Keys teaching them how to be smart, safe divers and stewards of the underwater world. 

Maddie manages the Iconic Reef Guardians program which aims to empower scuba divers and snorkelers to be knowledgeable and supportive of coral restoration efforts and to become stewards of Mission: Iconic Reef sites. Through this experience participants can engage in the Mission: Iconic Reefs initiative with local Blue Star Dive Operators.