Photo of Bill Goodwin

Bill Goodwin

Field Scientist


As a natural resource manager, Bill is on and in the water keeping tabs on the unique marine ecosystem of the Florida Keys. That includes conducting environmental impact assessments from boat groundings and other events that injure sensitive habitat and the marine life that live there, as well as developing plans for restoring those injured resources and, then, implementing the restoration. Subsequently, he and the other Science Team members conduct regularly scheduled monitoring events to track the efficacy of these efforts and make mid-course corrections if need be.

Bill studied earth science and biology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He joined the sanctuary in 1992 as the assistant manager of what was then Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary, and, in 1994, accepted a position as an injury assessment and restoration specialist/resource manager for the sanctuary. His work in the field of resource management and habitat restoration has lead to his invitational participation in a number of related projects in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Colombia, Jordan and Egypt.