Aaron Macy, Ph.D.

Aaron Macy

Staff Scientist, NOAA Corps


Following a transcendent scuba diving experience in the Bahamas in 2006, Aaron Macy emersed himself in marine science, first with a bachelor of science degree in Oceanography at Florida Institute of Technology, and then a Ph.D. from the University of South Alabama studying marsh-mangrove ecotones. He has been a commercial fisheries observer in Alaska, a marine policy fellow, an extension agent, and a research technician in various capacities, often involving science diving. He joined NOAA Corps in 2021, eager to continue a career with broad-ranging responsibilities and challenges.

Following his initial sea assignment aboard NOAA Ship Pisces, Macy reported to Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in summer 2023 to serve as the resident NOAA Corps officer, fulfilling operational roles of unit dive supervisor, small boat captain, and other roles, as needed by the sanctuary science teams. In his spare time, he enjoys ultimate frisbee, swimming, hiking, strategy board games, and other excuses to be on or under the water.