Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan, 1997

The original comprehensive Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan was implemented in July 1997, after an initial six-year planning process. The original plan focused on 10 action plans and designated five types of marine zones to reduce pressures in heavily used areas, protect critical habitats and species, and reduce user conflicts.

The 1997 management plan was published in three volumes:

  • Volume I — Sanctuary management plan including action plans and zone maps (pdf, 4.7 Mb)

  • Volume II — Process used to develop the draft management alternatives, including environmental and socioeconomic impact analyses of the alternatives, and the environmental impact statement (pdf, 1.3 Mb)

  • Volume III — Appendices, including the texts of Federal and State legislation that designate and implement the Sanctuary (pdf, 576 kb)

  • Appendix L — Comments received on the draft management plan/EIS and NOAA’s responses (pdf, 22 Mb)

  • Appendix M — Assessment of the potential costs and benefits of the final management plan regulations (pdf, 15.4 Mb)