Conch Reef Sanctuary Preservation Area

Map of Conch Reef Sanctuary Preservation Area

Marked by a red nun buoy, Conch Reef Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA) is a popular dive spot in the Upper Keys. Located 5.8 miles south of Tavernier, Conch Reef has one of the best developed reef walls in the Florida Keys. The SPA itself is a 0.19 square-mile rectangle extending to a depth of 45 feet and adjacent to the Conch Reef Research Only Area, which is not accessible to the public without a special permit.

Catch and release trolling is permitted in this SPA; however, all other forms of harvesting are prohibited. This area offers good habitat for conch species.

Very high water temperatures in the summer of 2023 have caused widespread coral bleaching and mortality in the Florida Keys. Descriptions of coral cover or coral health on this page may not be accurate based on current conditions.

Special regulations apply here. Learn more about what activities are allowed in this type of zone.

A summary of all sanctuary regulations is available online. For the full text of sanctuary regulations, see 15 CFR 922 Subpart P.